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Welcome to My Band Procedure Website


Welcome to my band procedure website with all the information you will ever need to know about lapband surgery.

When I had my first band procedure back in 2006 I did it based on blind trust and the desire to loose enough weight to watch my daughter grow up. There was little information around, and what was around was either highly technical or heresay and just wrong.

My first band procedure was initially a success and I lost 55kg’s (122lbs – boy that’s a lot when I see it written down) over the next 2 years and all was good. I felt like a new person and looked like one too according to my wife.

band procedure diet foodsThen I will admit I got lazy and thought that a lapband was all that I needed and I could forget about diet and exercise and still maintain my weight. This proved to be wrong and this attitude combined with having some other surgery caused issues for my band and the weight came back – not quite all of it, but at least half of it. it ended up with me having to have a second band procedure to fix up the first one.

That left me feeling a bit depressed, not eating properly, wondering if I would need a third lap band procedure and whether or not I had made the right decision inĀ  the first place. It has been a rollercaoster ride, and one I am on for the rest of my life, all thrills and spills but with any luck I will be left with a ‘gee whiz that was fun’ feeling at the end of it all.

At the moment I am back to eating properly, losing weight, and enjoying my life, wife, kids and lap band :) So why this website you may ask?

Why a band procedure website?

Well when I was first thinking about getting a lap band procedure I did what anyone does these days – I hit Google and went searching for all the info I could find. The problem was that everything I found was either too technical, written by doctors plying their trade or companies promoting their products. Or it was cobbled together misinformation written by people that had no personal experience. So I am out to actually fill the void and provide some relevant and accurate information about band procedures.

So you will find pages filled with what I hope to be relevant information to your situation, we have information coming not only on lapbands, the band procedure itself, after band procedure lifestyle, but also related topics such as gastric bypass, diet, possible complications, and lots more.

The future of the lap band procedure?

With medical science and technology progressing at an ever faster rate it is an exciting time for those of us who have suffered with obesity when it comes to what the future may hold. So I hope to see you here often as we grow, and if you have any suggested topics please do let me know and we will add them to the band procedure website.

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